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Assets aka. Single Products are purchasable products. They can be bought by users. Mostly they also belong to CPS. They can contain files in different localizations. At least one file must be available in the english language.

Complete Package Series

A Complete Package Series aka. CPS aka. Complete Overlay Package is the landing page for a given complete package. There are some special cases where a complete package series only consists of one complete package, this is called a seasonal overlay.

Complete Package

A complete package is a purchasable product and belongs to a CPS and contains one or more assets. Typically, there are two types of complete packages:

  • Basic
  • Premium

They can contain files in different localizations. At least one file must be available in the english language. Those files can differ from the files of the assets.


Categories are used to filter products by their attributes. For example, if you want to filter products by their color attribute, you would use the color categorical.

Here is a list of all the categories:

  • Event Categories
  • Game Categories
  • Style Categories
  • Style Content Categories
  • Style Sound Categories
  • Emotion Categories
  • Color Categories

Typical those categories are fetched within the /v1/product-filters endpoint to get a list of all the categoricals, supported by the category.

Seasonal Overlay

A seasonal overlay is a complete package series that only consists of one complete package.


A voucher is a coupon code that entitles the holder to a discount, or that may be exchanged for goods or service.

API Reference

Get Entitlements

Entitlements are SKUs that are granted to a user.



GET https://api.own3d.tv/v2/entitlements

Pagination Support

Simple pagination is supported.

Return Values

dataarrayArray of entitlements
data.idstringUUID of the entitlement
data.order_idstring?UUID of the order that the entitlement belongs to
data.typestringSource of entitlement
data.sku_idstringSKU UUID of the entitlement
data.sku_typestringSKU type of the entitlement
data.skustringSKU Object of the entitlement
data.product_idstringProduct ID of the entitlement
data.metadataobjectMetadata of the entitlement

SKU Types and Their Object Structure

SKU Type: product
data.sku.idstringUUID of the product
data.sku.filesarrayArray of files of the product
data.sku.files.idstringUUID of the file
data.sku.files.localestringLocale of the file

Download a specific file of a product:

Note: The given entitlement must be a type of product, otherwise the endpoint will return a 400 error.

GET https://api.own3d.tv/v2/entitlements/{entitlement}/download
Authorization: Bearer <user_access_token>
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json

  "locale": "en"
SKU Type: license_key
data.sku.license_keystringLicense key of the entitlement
SKU Type: maker_session
data.sku.download_urlstringURL to download the session
data.sku.thumbnail_urlstringURL to download the thumbnail