Alert Variations AE4

An alert variation is a specific configuration that defines how an alert should appear for a particular scenario. Each variation has its own set of conditions and overrides.

We use JsonLogicopen in new window to define alert variation conditions. Conditions are used to determine which variation should be used for a given alert. They are defined using logical operators and compare variables to specific values.

List of Global Variables AE4

The following variables are available for use in alert variation conditions for all alert types:

typeThe type of alert.
platformThe type of alert.
enabledWhether the alert is enabled.
randomA random number between 1 and 100.

List of Alert Type Specific Variables AE4

Technically you can combine all Message Template Parameters as variables in your alert variation conditions. For example, you can use amount to compare the amount of a donation or name to compare the name of the person who triggered the alert.

You can also find a list of existing parameters for each alert type using the resources/alert-variations.jsonopen in new window api endpoint.

Here is an example of an alert variation configuration for a Twitch Cheer alert:

  "name": "Twitch Cheer",
  "conditions": {
    "and": [
      {"===": [{"var": "type"}, "cheer"]},
      {"===": [{"var": "platform"}, "twitch"]},
      {"===": [{"var": "enabled"}, true]},
      {">=": [{"var": "amount"}, 1000]}
  "overrides": {
    "title": "Thanks {{name}} for cheering over 1K bits!💃💃💃"