Getting Started


When does the bot enter my chat?

The EventSub-based chatbot is configured to stay in your chat whenever you log into OWN3D Pro. Unless you disconnect from OWN3D Pro in Twitch.

Does the chatbot have an API?

Yes, but it is currently not documented and is not officially supported. But in theory you as a developer can manage the chatbot via REST API.

Why our Chatbot need's a Moderator Role

Our chatbot offers you features such as removing messages. For example, after executing a command or removing spam. The moderator role allows our bot to remove these messages and keep your chat clean.

Giving our Chatbot a Moderator Role

To give our bot rights, just go to your Twitch Dashboard under Settings > Rolesopen in new window. There you will find the role management of your channel. In this area you can give our bot "OWN3D" the role "Moderator". This gives the bot all necessary rights.